How to tell if your date is an independent woman

An independent woman is well-capable of taking care of herself. She will probably never ask you for help with anything unless it’s really needed, and she will definitely appreciate it if you offer to do so.

1. She expects you to be a decision-maker

Independent women know their own minds and are capable of making their own decisions. They don’t appreciate being asked what they want to do or how they feel, especially when it comes to something trivial.

You should respect her independence and freedom to make her own choices, even if you disagree with them. She will expect the same from you in return, and she won’t tolerate a man who takes control of her life. Instead, she wants a balanced relationship between two complete individuals living full, rich lives together. This means that you will have your own interests and projects, but she will also be an integral part of your life.

2. She expects you to split the bill

Independent women have their own lives and they don’t need a man to save them. This can be scary for some men, especially those who prefer a traditional gender role dynamic.

However, this doesn’t mean she doesn’t want to date you! Just make sure that you aren’t trying to manipulate her by insisting that she take your help or behaving like a knight in shining armor. Those kinds of things are insulting, and she will probably take it as a sign that you don’t respect her independence or her abilities. Instead, offer her a helping hand with confidence and open communication. She’ll appreciate it.

3. She expects you to respect her space

Independent women are able to take care of themselves, but they also value the affection and support that a partner can provide. They don’t want to feel smothered, but they also want to be able to trust their partners to handle things on their own.

Don’t get clingy with an independent woman or she’ll likely give you the cold shoulder. She’ll be sure to communicate her needs clearly when she wants space and will tell you directly rather than hinting at it or giving a vague answer. If you’re unsure of what she means, ask her for clarification. She’ll appreciate your directness. It makes her feel respected.

4. She expects you to be polite

Independent women usually have full lives and they are accustomed to being in control of their own affairs. They also value good conversation that goes beyond the gossip of who someone hooked up with or random celebrity rumors.

She is probably not a fan of being made to feel infantilized in your relationship, and she may not appreciate your over-zealous display of chivalrous gestures. Instead, try to make her feel loved and appreciated through your actions without making her uncomfortable.

Politeness means treating people with respect, regardless of gender, station, race, or wealth, Tsai says. It includes saying ‘please’ and ‘thank you’ and not touching people in inappropriate ways.

5. She expects you to be a good listener

A woman who takes no bullshit will probably be a good listener when it comes to conversations. She will enjoy good, intelligent conversation and is likely to be able to discuss her life with you in depth without getting bored.

An independent woman wants to live her life full-time and she doesn’t want someone to sweep into it and take over for her. She will happily share her world with the right person, but she doesn’t want anyone to try and replace her.

She’s also used to taking care of herself, so she will expect the same from you. Open communication is key to a happy relationship with an independent woman.

6. She expects you to be honest

Independent women don’t play games, and she will not tolerate you lying to her. If she feels you are not being truthful with her, she will likely stop taking your calls and texts.

She is proud of her accomplishments, and she doesn’t want a partner who makes her feel like she should be ashamed of her success. Be supportive of her goals and encourage her to keep pursuing her passions.

She also doesn’t need a man to support her financially, and she will likely be able to handle most of the bills on her own. She will appreciate a partner who can help her out during difficult times, but she is not dependent on him to save her.